Ghana's move to digital migration TV!!

Ghana's move to digital migration TV!!

What is Accra Pictures by Day and Night?

Accra is the capital of the small, West African country of Ghana, which achieved its independence in 1957 from its colonial master, the United Kingdom. It celebrated 50 years in 2007, and is projecting itself fast and furiously as "gateway to West Africa".

It's an exciting city, with its unique problems, but with it close to the Atlantic ocean, and many beaches, who can resist coming here?

April 2006-April 2011:

5 years of bringing readers insights into life in Ghana! Thank you!

Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority, TEMA

Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority, TEMA


Ordering Food in Accra was Never this much Fun!

Friday, October 30, 2009

37 Bats Re-dux

So there I was two days ago at Mplaza Hotel, Roman Ridge, for a conference when, late into the evening, I instinctively turned upwards. For salvation or what I am not quite sure.

Whatever it was, my attention was caught by the many, many, black bats flying high in the sky. For a nano-second, I was gripped with a degree of trepidation, which gave way almost-instantaneously to the quintessential Ghanaian resignation of having-seen-it-all-before.

Contrasted against the colour of the sky, it made for a classic "accradailyphoto" moment, which YOU are now privy to.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ghana-Nigeria Ties Remain Cordial Still...Especially After Nigerian Oil in Ghana!

Ghana's relative trouncing of Brazil in the u20 fifa world cup, coupled with Obama's visit in July has not put us in the best of light with our Nigerian cousins, but it appears the arrival of crude oil for Ghana's beleagured Tema Oil Refinery(TOR) on the shores of Ghana suggests that they might no longer be still angry with us...:-)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Truth Still Remains about the Black Satellites--They Beat Brazil 4-3 in FIFA u20 World Cup!

It is frankly criminal I had not conveyed any news of this on this blog. I am redressing the imbalance by, erm, mentioning the story some two days later.

Let us give it up for the Ghana and its Black Satellites for beating Brazil 4-3 in penalties!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ghanaians Like Their Football!!

...especially when they have beaten Hungary 3-2 in the u20 World Cup
in Egypt!;-) [more:]

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Welcome to GOIL Filling Station, Spintex Road

As far as I know, this GOIL shop does not have a website, but I can tell you that given the human traffic that flows in and out of this place every hour, if it did have a site, it might be hitting the thousands every week!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Ghanaian Household Appliances Get a Saviour!

If we were to operate on the principle that a saviour is only so useful when it has presence and visibility, then can we surmise that this signboard -- exhorting household appliances to be "re-deemed" by their owners -- is only as useful as when someone can see it.

I was walking when I saw--and captured--this. Most people plying this road in East Legon drive like they're running to the hills from some devil. At those speeds, visibility is a non-starter, I would think!

(pssst!:it's not even the 31st of October(Halloween), yet the metaphors are too suggestive!)

Does it show I want the year to end -- quickly?;-)


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