Ghana's move to digital migration TV!!

Ghana's move to digital migration TV!!

What is Accra Pictures by Day and Night?

Accra is the capital of the small, West African country of Ghana, which achieved its independence in 1957 from its colonial master, the United Kingdom. It celebrated 50 years in 2007, and is projecting itself fast and furiously as "gateway to West Africa".

It's an exciting city, with its unique problems, but with it close to the Atlantic ocean, and many beaches, who can resist coming here?

April 2006-April 2011:

5 years of bringing readers insights into life in Ghana! Thank you!

Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority, TEMA

Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority, TEMA


Ordering Food in Accra was Never this much Fun!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Here's hoping all of you...

...have a fantastic Christmas period and safe, fantastic, and peaceful transition to the New Year.

End of year always mean one is busier than ever, and blogging drops drastically. I believe that you will forgive my sporadic posts at this time, and help me welcome you to 2010--not just with excellent cheer and prospects, but more vivacious pictures for your enjoyment!

Till 2010!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wanna Watch an African Movie in East Legon?

Let's be clear: in Ghana, whenever TV stations advertise African movies, they are invariably talking about Nigerian movies, with a sprinkling of Ghanaian ones.

Now, most Ghanaians generally agree that though the Ghanaian movie industry is hastening slowly in quality as compared to those of our neighbours in Nigeria, which industry is referred to as Nollywood, Ghanaian movies do abound in a way that quite a number can be found in East Legon. Let's just say adverts of such movies a practically ubiquitous these days!

Friday, December 11, 2009

If You Thought This is Not Traffic at Accra Mall...

...around the infamous Tetteh-Quarshie interchange, wait till the 25th of December! It will be more than bumper-to-bumper.

Truth be told, it's more than that already!!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

In Praise of the Itinerant Ghanaian Water Vendor!

It's a characteristically hot day. Anyone up for some cool "pure" water? Just in case I had not yet touched on it, the so-called pure water is but one of many types of water available. Availability of ice is quite easy, so selling these by the roadside is a staple of the visual Ghanaian diet.

Was just wondering...Ghanaians celebrate the Ghanaian farmer every December, and this year it falls on Friday 4 December, which means Ghanaians get their last public holiday before the Christmas festivities.

Perhaps there should be a day for all the pure water sellers who cool the hearts of motorists every day?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Busy Ghanaian Traffic Warden...

...directs traffic at the Accra Mall. Is he not a determined bee?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Welcome to Kwame Nkrumah Circle Footbridge...

...which is also known as "Circle" bridge.

As you might see from the picture, against the clear, blue sky, the footbridge makes for a beautiful scene in a city that is very busy and very populous. There has been a never-ending battle by authorities of the city to ensure that the bridge is as salubrious as possible. Often-times, those causing infractions against the order for cleanliness win out--despite the conspicuous presence of the police, which you can see in the picture here.

Suffice-to-say, it is a picture of colour--just like West Africa ought to be!:-))

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Snaking through Spintex Road on a Sunny Morning

If you have never experienced traffic of this magnitude on a morning, try this kind for size. Traffic is further compounded by the fact that Christmas is near, and so more cars on the road, including those of Ghanaians in the diaspora who have come home early to celebrate with families. More people inevitably means more cars!

Snaking to the East Legon tunnel. The cars look like they are moving -- they are not! The will be this stationary for a few minutes before we move!

I cannot for the life of me understand how despite the presence of a traffic warden, three to four lanes are created by magic to get through the East Legon tunnel through to the Spintex Road!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Accra Train Through the City!

Last weekend, I was in the heart of the capital, where the trains do ply. Evidently, I couldn't help but capture the train passing through the community.

It's been a while since I took the train!

What about you?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

When a Paean to Ghanaian Films Turns into an Encomium of Accra Mall

I have always thought that it was exercise in laziness to regularly refer to the Accra Mall for my photoblogging, till a kind word from one of the regular visitors convinced me that if it is a part of my life, then why not?

So, far from a treatise on the ghanaian movie industry, which is seeing a renaissance thanks to the likes of the dynamic Shirley Frimpong-Manso and her movies (one of which I referred to in the last post), I am offering you a teaser of her upcoming latest movie "Sting in a Tale" showing you the movie poster--as advertised in Accra Mall!

long live Accra Mall? The jury's out on that one!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

When East Legon Becomes a Bonfire of Acting Vanities

There I was last night, minding my small business ready to go home, when suddenly across the street, over at Eastgate Hotel, I see what looks like pandemonium. A colleague who is just about to leave the work compound shouts that they're making a movie!

Out of curiosity, I walk briskly to see what the noise is all about--only to be part to the three scenes, which I snapped for, well, posterity?

The car in the background is driven by one Majid Michel of latest Ghanaian movie Sting in a Tale fame, and the tall lady with the handbag looks like she's an actress, because I later see her firing a blank pistol towards the jeep to the left of the second picture.

If you look carefully at picture number three, you will find that a group has kind of congregated round one person--that person is Majid Michel himself--I believe ready to drive the car I referred to earlier. In fact, I am about to leave when I suddenly see a car drive full-speed down the untarred road, managing to dramatically negotiate a turn to the right. Meanwhile all this is captured on the camera to the cynosure of a quasi-mesmerized crowd that seems half-anxious to be privy to the unknown dramatis personae.

All this. In East Legon. In Accra.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

21st Century Ghana is a country...

...where modern cars compete for space on tarred roads with dirty goats alongside open drains...all against the backdrop of multinational telco companies like MTN, vying for our attention to buy credits for our sophisticated mobile phones!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Macintosh Computers to Capture Ghanaian Hearts?

I know very few people who own Mac laptops--at least one is a member and she has waxed quite a bit at times about how great the Mac laptop is. I have checked out Mac prices and looked at my pocket and seen that the pocket lost out--big time!

I cannot ever be a fair representative of the average Ghanaian, but I can say that the average Ghanaian with sufficient disposable income might want a more conventional laptop, that comes with WINDOWS etc. Am not too sure that they would gravitate to the Mac that easily.

In that respect, it strikes me more odd and even more non-discerning for Mac to think that setting up shop in Accra Mall could endear it to making a killing in this unpredictable Ghanaian market.

Salaries might be getting higher--but I do not believe for a second that so much so that Ghanaians would shake from their technological conservatism to consider buying Mac Laptops!

Still, it might interest you to know that when I checked this I-shop in October, the store was spotless and had some six or seven macs running internet, for a cool 2.5 GHC and hour. Technology is powered by the beleaguered Vodafone Ghana, which the UK's Serious Fraud Office is investigating for financial irregularities in the purchase of 70% of Ghana Telecom shares in August 2008.

Already, I do not see a winning team!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Anyone for Ghanaian Shoes?

One of the supreme distinctions about Accra and its markets deep inside the capital is its penchant to be very colourful. So much so that the indigenes become so used to them. It is occasionally being the rare observer to a sight-so-common that you begin to be so discerning to see the small elements...and perhaps appreciate them all the more.

Shoes, onions. Ghanaian markets clearly have them all. Usually also against the backdrop of a huge edifice like the building in this picture, which I took a picture of in May around the very-busy Lapaz-Tetteh-Quarshie road.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Welcome to University Botanical Gardens

Not to be confused with ABURI Botanical Gardens, the University Botanical Gardens is an equally noteworthy place to visit, when travelling in Accra.

It is located halfway between the famed Atomic Junction and Atomic Down. I have only been there not for nature, but for a private reason, so was unable to take in the beauty of the place. Entrance is around 2GHC, which is a budget way of enjoying sights outside Accra.

You might want to check their website to obtain a better insight into what is for offer.

Friday, October 30, 2009

37 Bats Re-dux

So there I was two days ago at Mplaza Hotel, Roman Ridge, for a conference when, late into the evening, I instinctively turned upwards. For salvation or what I am not quite sure.

Whatever it was, my attention was caught by the many, many, black bats flying high in the sky. For a nano-second, I was gripped with a degree of trepidation, which gave way almost-instantaneously to the quintessential Ghanaian resignation of having-seen-it-all-before.

Contrasted against the colour of the sky, it made for a classic "accradailyphoto" moment, which YOU are now privy to.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ghana-Nigeria Ties Remain Cordial Still...Especially After Nigerian Oil in Ghana!

Ghana's relative trouncing of Brazil in the u20 fifa world cup, coupled with Obama's visit in July has not put us in the best of light with our Nigerian cousins, but it appears the arrival of crude oil for Ghana's beleagured Tema Oil Refinery(TOR) on the shores of Ghana suggests that they might no longer be still angry with us...:-)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Truth Still Remains about the Black Satellites--They Beat Brazil 4-3 in FIFA u20 World Cup!

It is frankly criminal I had not conveyed any news of this on this blog. I am redressing the imbalance by, erm, mentioning the story some two days later.

Let us give it up for the Ghana and its Black Satellites for beating Brazil 4-3 in penalties!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ghanaians Like Their Football!!

...especially when they have beaten Hungary 3-2 in the u20 World Cup
in Egypt!;-) [more:]

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Welcome to GOIL Filling Station, Spintex Road

As far as I know, this GOIL shop does not have a website, but I can tell you that given the human traffic that flows in and out of this place every hour, if it did have a site, it might be hitting the thousands every week!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Ghanaian Household Appliances Get a Saviour!

If we were to operate on the principle that a saviour is only so useful when it has presence and visibility, then can we surmise that this signboard -- exhorting household appliances to be "re-deemed" by their owners -- is only as useful as when someone can see it.

I was walking when I saw--and captured--this. Most people plying this road in East Legon drive like they're running to the hills from some devil. At those speeds, visibility is a non-starter, I would think!

(pssst!:it's not even the 31st of October(Halloween), yet the metaphors are too suggestive!)

Does it show I want the year to end -- quickly?;-)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Shopping Semantics" in Ghana, or a Tale of How MaxMart was Greatly Misrepresented

I won't apologise for the title, because this is part of what constitutes the colorful scenario of my lexicon!;-)

It's Wednesday again and time for some craziness: I fell over my chair yesterday night--laughing so hard because in an invite I had received from Facebook to some event, someone had said I could pick tickets up from...



Now even if you're not a regular visitor to this blog, you might know that MaxMart [I won't be creating any links for them, you'll have to do a google search!] epitomizes all that is middle class plus in Ghana. Just check the picture out, and you'll know what I mean.

I believe you'll find them "running to the hills" --as my good British blogger-friend/actor, Daniel Hoffman-Gill would say--were the mere words "MARX" associated with them!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where Do You Want to Go Today in East Legon?

East Legon, the area of my workplace, is a plush, verdant part of the capital. As these signboards show, plush is far from being tantamount to "organised";-)

Although the Accra Metropolitan Assembly needs to give permission before these signboards are erected, one would hope that they also help supervise where it is placed. It can look a tad chaotic at times!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Collective Tyre-Fixing in Accra

This is really not a regular feature in Accra, but the breakdowns of trucks like these are!

Suffice-to-say, the maintenance of such cars might be this side short of shoddy, hence scenes like these, such as that which I captured on the Tema motorway two weeks ago, are only as common as the number of huge trucks I see driving on the first lane on a two-lane motorway where cars should take precedence!

I believe that now that the road regulator -- National Road Safety Commission -- is under one roof on a Board, along with Board of Directors for the Metro Mass Transit Limited (MMTL), and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) Ghanaians will enjoy a more efficient road sector that will be safer for all.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ghana's New Holiday--"Founder's Day" (21st September). Dr.Nkrumah's day!

Given that pictures paint the proverbial thousand words, I am going to leave a sampling of some of the headlines from Ghanaian dailies--(from top to bottom): Ghanaian Times; Daily Graphic; Ghana Palaver. I have begun creating a specific album for photo captures of Osagyefo Dr.Kwame Nkrumah, the Founder of Ghana. Monday began the 9-month celebration of the centenary of his life. He must have been something special to have a whole 9 months dedicated to his celebration. The truth?

He was!

He built our Tema motorway in the late 1940s. It still stands strong todqay. He built our Akosombo dam, which still gives us electricity--despite the fact that we are 22.5 million now as compared to 6 million in 1957!

Words are insufficient to explain the man, but the headlines--including the fact that he should inspire the youth--already attest to the greatness of the man. For non-Ghanaians, a quick google search will give you a good insight, but let me leave you with the fact that in 2000, listeners to no less than than British Broadcasting Corporation voted him the Man of the Millenium. Here is the quote back then:

Last December, BBC listeners in Africa voted Kwame Nkrumah, the first head of an independent Ghana their "Man of the Millennium". But although Nkrumah triumphantly led Ghana to independence in 1957, by February 1966 he had been overthrown in a coup and spent the remaining six years of his life languishing in exile.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Motorway Micturation in Glorious Ghana

Here's one for the weekend.

Only in Ghana will you find someone stop and urinate in full view of, erm, commuters on no less than...a motorway!

Good grief...

Picture has been made fuzzy to protect the innocent;-)

Happy travels for your weekend!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Warning, Do Not Urinate Here!" (Ghana signs)

Could it ever be clearer enough?

I passed there the other day and noticed that in lieu of GHC20.00, should you dare challenge the message on the wall, you'll be charged GHC50.00!

Unless the originators of the message have mounted invisible cameras, or have deployed a standing force comparable to Gil Grissom of CSI-Las Vegas fame to take your urine sample for "trace" analysis, in order to determine who micturated, I am not quite sure how it will be enforced!

Students of CSI Tamale, take note!:-)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Accra Apartments...

...are a rarity on the landscape of the Ghanaian capital.

Given how much of Accra land is being utilised by investors for their operations, many of the residences--many of which, sadly, is mostly for the middle class--are being found outside the capital where getting to the capital is more than a battle of bottlenecks!

Regrettably, also, is the fact that many of these are bungalows. It would seem that apartments could be an answer, but are our policy-makers listening?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Demolished House in Accra

As the Accra Metropolitan Assembly courts controversy for its decision to pull down some slums in the heart of Accra, I thought it timely to snap this picture to convey the mood.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Welcome to Ghana's Parliament House!

I've passed by, been to, circulated in the environs of Parliament House many a time, but today I thought I'd bring it to you--even if from a "long-view" perspective, where it's seen from a distance.

Usually, entry to that august building is through the gates of the small structure, where the second (blue) car is entering the street from where I took this.

The picture shows a rainy day back in 2006.

I'll be sure to bring a more close-up picture of it when I get the occasion.

You might want to check out the website here:

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

East Legon--The Tunnel of No Return?

Not quite.

East Legon has this tunnel, which was never supposed to be used by cars--but by animals--but now has become a veritable tunnel to allow cars and dodgy trucks pass through north-bound and south-bound to the dreaded-Spintex Road.

Am I making any sense?

Neither does the inexplicable traffic that occasionally develops without reason. Had it not been for the guys at the mouth of the tunnel (check the figure in blue, wearing yellow on his head on the left) , the traffic would have been more than bottle-necks!

And, yeah: they're ALL guys. Tunnel-watchers haven't gotten gender-sensitive yet;-)

Monday, September 07, 2009

Ghana Off to South Africa's World Cup 2010

Sometimes a picture paints a thousand words. On the day after the evening before, it paints a wonderful combination of emotions that reside in the majority of Ghanaians for seeing their football team--the Black Stars--secure a historic win over Sudan, triggering their qualification STRAIGHT to the MTN World Cup in 2010!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Ode to the (Psychedelic) Ghanaian Tro-Tro

In my humble opinion, it is an article of decency for any tro-tro owner to make his vehicle as attractive as possible.

Like the ubiquitous taxi, there are tro-tros all over Accra. Many of us are quick to scoff, perhaps suck our teeth, at the insalubriousness of the drivers and the state of the cars they're driving, but there remain a few in the system that go the extra mile, as it were.

Tro-tros like these, which I boarded some two weeks ago. It wasn't only neat; it was also equipped with these psychedelic lights of blue and green fluorescent, which lent it a "disco-ey" feel.

Did I say "long live tro-tros!"?

Only when they're this cool!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Curious Case of Ghana's National Identification System

Websites without regular updates are far from impressive these days. Especially when they are national agencies. So, I cannot help but wonder what is happening with Ghana's national identification system. To read on its very rudimentary website that the mass registration has NOT been suspended is great to read...

...but not so great if that was in January 2009!

The public's still at a loss to what's happening!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Ghana Welcomes New TV Station "ETV Ghana"

I snapped this while at Ring Road last Saturday. Given the size of the billboard, you would be forgiven for thinking that the brains behind this new station have quite a bit of money. You woul d not be wrong, for Global Media Alliance--responsible for the erstwhile "Sunday World" newspaper in Ghana--has teamed up with the South African counterpart to launch this free-to-air station. It already has a running website:

Suffice-to-say, it is not pulling any stops either!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Sights & Sounds: Ring Road (1)

Last Saturday I was in town to deliver a lecture to a group of dedicated people fighting for issues far bigger than themselves. The event took place at Busyinternet on the Ring Road. I've done too much free publicity for busyinternet, hence my witting desire to not link them. You can do that in a google search--easily;-)

I have to say that I love this shot; there's something about the way it captures the Busyinternet sign, against the backdrop of "downtown" Accra, if you will. Our "VAT House" is to the right of the picture.

More importantly, it's necessary to state that if ever you come to Ghana and you don't visit Ring Road, you, frankly, would not have "seen" Accra.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Heard about Nigerian Manufacturer Omatek?

Given the Nigerian anti-corruption police, Economic Financial Crimes Commission, taking on bankers in Nigeria, you might forget that good things continue to come from Ghana's big brother.

Omatek is one of those good news. Its website describes it thus:

Omatek Computers Limited is the first factory to locally assemble Computer cases, Speakers, Keyboards and Mouse, other than Computer systems and Notebooks in the whole of Africa. The assembling of these components in this factory has created a great advantage to other systems builders as well as resellers all over Africa for retailing.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Way Accra Mall's "Game" Shop Cheats its Customers

How about a little arithmetic for you this side of the day? What do you get when you have 14 pouch meals in gravy (@100g) going for GHC17.50? What you get is a simple arithmetic where you divide 17.50 by 14 pouch meals. You get: GHC1.25. That's 1.25 ghana cedis per pouch meal.

So, how on earth is it possible to get the same pouch meal of 100g going for...GHp0.90?

1. Could it be that GAME management has poor supervisors?
2. Could it be that it is GAME's way of ensuring that they cheat customers, knowing most of them are middle class and would not miss a couple of ghana cedis?
3. Could it simply be that the profit motive for GAME blinds them to distraction?

Whatever your question/answer formulation, I was profoundly disappointed when I asked a GAME attendant why this discrepancy, and all he could say was..."ah, that's GAME for you!"

So, what is it? Conspiracy?

Remember my "Tale of Two Twixes" in March? To err is human, but to persist...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Combating Climate Change in Accra Starts With...

bikes! Surely bikes? There are a slew of new roads being developed round the country, but I wonder how many are factoring in bicycle paths?

At a time when the African Union is this week purportedly asking for cash to deal with adaptive changes flowing from climate change, I cannot help but wonder whether there should not be sub-regional approaches to this fight, starting with the use of minimising cars n the road in place of efficient public transport.

Ghana is encouraged that the government is working on this, but a wider strategy that encapsulates the use of mere bicycle/motor lanes, in my humble view, would help address what could become a catastrophe of epic proportions over the next couple of years! A few bicycle places at Accra Mall will encourage people to bring their bicycles, but do only so much...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Carriage at Accra Mall? Talk about Non-Essentials!

Two weeks ago, this carriage was located at the entrance of Accra Mall -- as if to say that all those who patronized the place were (A)middle class; (b)sufficiently "endowed" financially (c)had more money than sense.

Given the financial crisis which has already hit Africa--not to speak of Ghana--I am wont to believe that those in the last category are likely to consider even hiring this carriage for whatever it is people do with a carriage these days...

I am tempted to believe that its success was a non-starter, hence the rapid dispatch of it a week later!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Breaking news! Forget Csi New York...

Trash all episodes of the remaining 2 legs of the Csi trinity, and prepare for Csi Tamale!

On a more serious note, Tamale is in the Northern region of Ghana, and that is where the University of Development Studies (UDS) is located. Am glad to see that a region purported to be in an unstable part of Ghana is focussing its attention to enhancing crime-combating techniques.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ghanaians Like Their Milo Drink...

...but given attention-grabbing headlines around health off-late (I never said "swine flu"!), it might be a good idea for Ghanaians to remember that they are among the top 5 producers of cocoa. See below:

1. Côte d’Ivoire … 1.3 million tonnes (37.4% of world’s total of 3.5 million tonnes)
2. Ghana … 720 thousand tonnes (20.7%)
3. Indonesia … 440 thousand tonnes (12.7%)
4. Cameroon … 175 thousand tonnes (5.0%)
5. Nigeria … 160 thousand tonnes (4.6%)
6. Brazil … 155 thousand tonnes (4.5%)
7. Ecuador … 118 thousand tonnes (3.4%)
8. Dominican Republic … 47 thousand tonnes (1.4%)
9. Malaysia … 30 thousand tonnes (0.9%)

Read more:

With that knowledge in mind, as they go home for the weekend, "a nice cuppa" as the Brits like to say, would be okay as long as it's a "nice cuppa" cocoa.

Incidentally, the picture is one of quintessentially-Ghanaian cocoa. Best drunk without sugar.

Have a good weekend!


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