Ghana's move to digital migration TV!!

Ghana's move to digital migration TV!!

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Accra is the capital of the small, West African country of Ghana, which achieved its independence in 1957 from its colonial master, the United Kingdom. It celebrated 50 years in 2007, and is projecting itself fast and furiously as "gateway to West Africa".

It's an exciting city, with its unique problems, but with it close to the Atlantic ocean, and many beaches, who can resist coming here?

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Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority, TEMA

Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority, TEMA


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Monday, April 07, 2008

The President's "Water Gallons"

I have never hid the fact that poverty in Ghana is well and truly real--even if those under the so-called poverty ladder are associated with what many might consider the "working class".

Whereas in the other parts of the world, the working class will have access to some type of water, in Ghana, the poor working class rarely do, because they are living in areas grappling with poor water provision. The irony of it all is that the so-called middle class has issues with water, too--although it is safe to say they manage a bit better than the former!

The past few weeks, water provision in Ghana has been in the news--and not without reason. A good piece here provides an insight why. It also underscores and re-inforces the need to have water container sellers like these yellow gallons--dubbed "Kufuor gallons"--who are willing to walk miles in the capital to ply their rather-lucrative trade of selling to those who need to store the water they are paying higher to obtain.


Lessie said...

Moving photograph -- when I put it with your commentary. So sobering that fresh water is so scarce.

E K Bensah Jr said...

Hi Lessie--water is indeed life, and sometimes we forget it ain't flowing 24/7 in parts of the world!

Kris McCracken said...

Crikey that looks like it would be hard work!

Thanks for sharing both the pictures and the stories of Ghana, they're really enlightening.


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